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Keynote Lecture: Reporting from the frontline of the pandemic. ABSW Summer School, July 2021

The pandemic has brought many challenges to journalism, and forced many of us to work and think differently. This lecture reflects on the things journalists got right, and wrong, how many journalists struggled with burnout, and what we can learn from the experience as we head back to our desks in the office.

Honorary lecture: The past, present and future of medicine. Carleton University 2019 Discovery Lecture. 

February 2019

The future of medicine is bright. Innovation is driving advances in medicine at a phenomenal pace. Along with this there is a global effort to expand universal healthcare. But there are challenges ahead: Black-box artificial intelligence that could make diagnoses without adequate transparency; the rising threat from known and unknown pathogens; and potential privacy breaches from the more mobile health data of the future. The Economist’s Natasha Loder will look at these advances through the lens of general practice from the 1930s, to the present day and beyond.

February 2019

Spillover: Reporting the pandemic. A talk to St Paul's School, London

On June 16th, 2020 I spoke to an audience of parents and schoolchildren about the challenges of reporting the pandemic, and what the outlook was for the disease and it is treatment. 

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